Two values


In a book called Sustainability and civil commons by Jennifer Sumner. There was a quote by John McMurtry it states they are two types of values ‘Value for life and value for money’ so if we leave life in the hands of those who value money they will destroy all life. In the climate change negotiation in South africa we see use of bribery and  bully tactics towards developing countries. The developed countries want terms that gives them leverage, but yet there are the ones to blame for most of the gas emission, hence there want to continue to push their weight about. What is the motive behind all this? financial gains. Another controversial article getting the new ‘Green Climate Fund‘ to manage the funds, but if the World Bank failed to address this what hope do we have. Clearly the same people have just simply started a new parastatal. It is about time that IMF and the World Bank have a body that monitors their regulations and conduct. It would be disastrous to let these funds go in the hands of private ‘corporate firms’ as it is proposed in the paper. It would be starting a new breed of ‘capitalism’ with aid. It also could be urged that no investor can come into a nation to start dictating the pace and telling you what to priorities and what not too. That would be unethical, but it is important to note that it is a double age sword given the corruption levels in developing countries does the resource get to the end-user? However the outcry of the developing countries is equality, no conditional ties, no environmental damage at the expense of trade, capitalism and globalisation.


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