The survival of the fittest (The death of Gaddafi is it justified?)


The adage that ‘either you are with us or against us’ has gone to a different dimension where murder and brutality has become part of imperialism. The US and the NATO pretence of alleviating the people of Libya (Benghazi) from Gaddafi’s viciousness has been met with mixed feelings after the meticulous calculated assassination of Colonel Muamar Gaddafi on the 20th October 2011. There were several assassination attacks on the dictator prior to his death which led to the death of his younger son. There was a big conspiracy surrounding his death. At first, Libya’s new leaders claimed Gaddafi had died in ‘crossfire’, but they came under a barrage of international calls for an inquiry into the killing. Human Rights Watch has said the dictator was executed, and a post-mortem confirmed that he died from a gunshot to the head. This prompted Britain’s Defence Secretary Philip Hammond to say that the NTC reputation has been stained. Before I continue with this conspiracy I would like to clarify a shocking revelation that I came across on Gaddafi which some of them were evidently shown on the western media (Living in tent houses).
Libyans do not pay interest on loans they receive from banks as the banks are owned by the state, citizens use free electricity. Accommodation is believed to be citizenship right therefore every eligible person is liable to own a home- Gaddafi swore that not until every adult has been accommodated, he and his parents will continue to live in tent houses. Every newlywed received equivalent of US$50,000 to buy home to begin life with, before Gaddafi there were only 25% literates in Libya however todays figure claims that Libya population is 83% literate Libya, also medical treatment is free Should Libyans want to embark on farming career, they would receive farming land, a farm house, equipments, seeds and livestock free to begin with. If they cannot find the education and the medical facilities they need, the government sponsor them to go abroad to pursue it with $2,300 per month, car and accommodation grants. Having taken Gaddafi out of the picture, are the Libyans under the directives of the West going to get these benefits? With the mentioned opportunities Libyans enjoyed under Gadhafi, can the west justify their stance for taking part in killing Gaddafi by claiming that they were there to protect civilians?
If the commoner want to survive in the jungles of the fittest then the commoner has to please the powerful. You cannot challenge the Western capitalism to survive regardless of where you are


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