The DowOlympics- Has the Olympics sold its soul to the Devil?


It is very worrying that the London Olympics for all it stands for, will break bread with a company like Dow chemicals.  Its been 27 yrs and the people of Bhopal still live in misery  since one of the  world’s worst tragedies in human history struck its city.   The  1984 Bhopal gas leak  took the lives of more than 15,000 people and caused serious health problems for the people in the community then and till date. There is still no end to the sufferings of the victims and their families as the area still remains contaminated and the leak is causing birth defects and terrible health problems for the residents of Bhopal.

Dow chemical is the company sponsoring the 7 million pound wrap that will enclose the Olympic stadium. It is also one of the elite sponsors  enjoying a special status in exchange for paying about $100 million every four years. Amnesty International has condemned the Dow wrap deal together with several British politicians  who have campaigned to dump Dow from the games.

“What has given real offense to the people of Bhopal is that on this, the most sustainable games ever and lauded as such, that we should wrap the stadium, the big symbol of the games, in a skin that might as well be the skin of the families that died,” said London lawmaker Barry Gardiner.

The Olympics stands for hard work, patriotism, glory, pride and hounour. I am looking forward to the 2012 London Olympics, like I look forward to every Olympic game, with enthusiasm and pride , moreverso  because our country gets to host the Olympic games. Yet I fear having Dow Chemical on board might taint the image of the 2012 London Olympics and could spur unwanted events.

Hear the voice of the people Sebastian Coe (chairman of the London organizing committee) and rethink .  The games are an event by the people for the people.  At what cost do we sell our conscience?


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