From Occupy Wall Street to the 10th – 18th December Unite for global Change call out


Occupy Wall Street Movement gave people a forum to express their views, to air their frustration and  share knowledge and experiences and mostly a recognition of the fact that the worries and concerns voiced by the protesters in New York are shared globally.  We are living in an integrated and global market economy and thus interconnected in many ways.

Our freedom and dignity are under attack as a result of market dynamics and corrupt government institutions that are turning our local and global societies into increasingly unjust places. The governments of this planet must work for the people, not against them. The time has come to stand up for our rights together and to demand the rights we were promised in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed and approved by most of the world’s governments and the basis for many of our constitutions.

The success of this movement has now triggered a global re-awakening of socio-economic and political consciousness on how our world is run today. The People Assemblies Group is calling on individuals, NGOs or organisations alike to unite from the 10th of December till the 18th and use that week as a time for alternative forms of protests. The idea is to participate in proposing new forms of action with a creative spirit: through public forums, workshops and flash-mobs; promote the movement at local schools and neighbourhoods or get in contact with humanitarian organizations working with the same goals.

I will like to propose a blog-fest for all bloggers on sustainability and the commons blog to join me in blogging on December the 10th .Join the movement and help make our voices heard on issues that deal with our freedom, our governments, the recession we are currently facing, the impending status of the euro and more.

Dec 10 Alternative Day of Action Call Out
Dec 18 World Day of Action for Migrants and Refugees


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