Shale gas- The new age


Believe it this has been around since 2000 and evidence has it that it is in America, Europe, China, and Russia. This is the new natural gas see this article. This new gas which is currently being fracked (this being the extraction process) with over 1600 gas wells in America has not been both socially and politically acceptable here in Europe.

It is because we are good environmentalist or we just want to look at the NEGATIVE aspects.  Let put things in perspective we want to prevent/ reduce / eliminate global warming, but there is no remedy it’s all try and error. We have to be open-minded in the process it cames at a price and some options have side effect. One of the major side effects with his natural gas is fracking is likely to contaminate the underground (water) have a read, and also to cause earthquakes. But the question is his there no intervention that we are currently adhering to with no consequence or some country get the lion share look at carbon off setting, sugarcane for biofuel etc

EU with the exception of Poland have not been keen on this cause

1. Its expense, cause our Shale is deep down in the earth.

2. We appear to lack the technical know how to extract this resource. According to the article only about 100 wells

3. We are possible happy to continue to relay on Russia and its gas pipes.

China is maybe in predicament here after investing in all the solar and wind turbine industry.

Having said all this is maybe an ideal short-term measure that will delay the inevitable global warming. Cause if there were solutions the world would not be coming together to talk sweet nothings. I think the world would rather have the growing industries running on natural gases then the current use of coal.


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