Resource custodians and the enemy within against sustainability


Rural communities in some third world nations should no longer continue to rely on their leadership to uphold national and international legislations and or agreements in goo faith when it comes to protecting their environment against catastrophic covert ventures aimed at what remains as rain forests. This is more in respect of the timber logging for export by rogue international traders. The practice causes depletion, degradation and other related adverse effects hence making people more critical for sustainability of life.

 Communities must not wait until the problem becomes utterly bare and out of control when this evil is laid bare when the problem at that time will be no where near solution. Waiting to act later will be dangerous and not doing anything now will be extremely costly and the situation will no be turned around. The depletion is occurring at an alarming rate. If people failed to commit themselves to safe guarding their future, there will be a natural calamity. It is time to stand to the double standards of those they trust. The leadership are betraying their people especially in the management of natural resources. A retinue of youths and able bodies should take the necessary action to save the environment.

 In Sierra Leone, the recent documentation by Alzajeera  documentary when foreign journalist posed as international “Timer Trader”  attempted go in the logging business though it was banned. Their crusade went up to the high command and what is more sympathetic is that for less than $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) meant to be paid for the multi million dollars logging business registration.


Additionally, things are even worst at local community levels where the traditional heads are betrayers of their own people. There is the need for people to be pragmatic and engaged in activities like Wall Street and St. Paul’s Cathedral style of action to put pressure on those who want to destroy their lives, (the rogue custodian of their resources). The communities must demand participation as this inimical to sustainability. National and International policies set so far to address depletion and environmental deterioration are not kept.



One Response to “Resource custodians and the enemy within against sustainability”

  1. okwirtonny2011 Says:

    It is very true that some leaders use their power as opportunity to exploit the local people and deprived them of their resources. These leaders does not give the local people the opportunity even to participate in the planning and design process of a project since this would reduce their chances of exploiting the poor and this is still a challenge in Developing countries especially Sub Saharan Africa hence hindering their development. The majority of the people are forced to live in poverty situation hence affecting their well-being and they are discouraged from participating in government development activities due to loss of trust in their leaders therefore affecting the community ownership and sustainability of development initiatives which is key in community development

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