“I am free”


This picture was posted by a couple of my friends on Facebook recently. Although it is very populist, I decided to mention the illustration here because it reminded me somehow of contents we touched on in the class.

When we spoke about capitalism, we characterised it as a system of making profit without need. Going deeper into the issue of needs, we agreed that many people, especially in developed countries, try to satisfy a lot more desires compared to the amount of money they earn. The logical consequence is the occurrence of debts. And debts are a good way to make us accept the system as we found out. There is an essential necessity to find a job and go to work regularly in order to pay them off.

Apart from the words regarding the usual economic actions of the members of a capitalistic society, the private life of “Mr. Normal” is described in the cartoon. Normality, not individuality, seems to be the highest aim in life, together with social and (again) economic security of course.

An apathetic image is drawn of the people who are “the commons”. Humans are presented as skeletons that seem to be happy and thankful about not having to think for themselves. They appear to appreciate the possibility to follow certain “common” objectives without realising that these are actually dictated. Although I see the point in the artist’s criticism of society, I do not want to think so pessimistically. Generalisation is neither right, nor does it help. There ARE people who make use of their voice as the Occupy Wall Street movement shows.

What is your opinion about critical cartoons like this one? Do people really start rethinking the role of the commons when confronted with this kind of sarcasm or does too much exaggeration just distract from the real issue?


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One Response to ““I am free””

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    Of course l can see the picture, which shows the commons values have being affected and also the enclosures which is already feeling the effect of this 99%. That is why you can see the various occupys, all around the world, crying out for one common goal about non-functioning democractic government all around the world. Every one is tired of inequality, poverty,unemployment, the global change warming and effects of the globalisation. This is mostly affecting the developing countries, where you can see the different bad effects, from the developed countries selfish protectionalism/tax attitude to the poor countries.

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