Peru Protests at Huge Conga mine in Cajamarca


Thousands of people in Northern Peru protested against plans for a huge open-cast goldmine in the high Endes, they believe  the mine will cause pollution and destroy water supplies. The US based mining company has promised modern reservoirs to replace the threatened mountain lakes. However, locals say plans to replace the lakes with artificial reservoirs are inadequate, pollution from the mines could affect agriculture and livestock. The Mining company says its plans have been drawn up in consultation with local communities and meet the highest environmental standards. On the other hand,  mining is the main engine of Peru’s booming economy, and the Conga Mine is expected to generate thousands of jobs. The President of Peru has approved the Conga mine because its expected to be a major source of government revenue.

How participatory were these plans for the mining project? If this consultation process was inclusive and effective, should massive protests to this scale have sparked off? Is there accountability in development participatory processes, should participation processes be regulated to ensure no losers and winners in the development process?


One Response to “Peru Protests at Huge Conga mine in Cajamarca”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    Minning is a difficult work to do, which is dangerous/risky to anyone who ever is doing it. No wonder the Peru protest took place, because of their assestors believes/tradition/culture, which they have attached to their mining structures.That is the reason why they are protesting against the huge open-cast goldmine in the high Endes, which the US based Mining company, wants to establish in Peru. The Peru believes that it will pollute their air, destroy their water supplies, agriculture and their livestocks. If it was the other way round, I don’t think the US will allow such in their soil, most especially, when the citizens have attached their belives/livestock around any enviromental common pool resources.

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