Frozen Planet


I find it interesting as we talk about climate change and global warming the BBC decide to make a programme on the ‘Frozen Planet’.  Of course not an entirely new programme and Sir David Attenborough himself has been studying and making programmes on a similar theme for many years.  However, I am looking forward to the last episode in this series.  The episode written by Sir Attenborough himself will seek to explore the changes in glaciers and the affect climate change is having on the frozen parts of planet earth.  This last episode is called ‘On Thin Ice’ and is due to be broadcast 7th December 2011, perhaps just as our own frozen planet arrives if the last 2 years are to go by!


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3 Responses to “Frozen Planet”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    Looking at the various links that tells/shows us about the climate change and global warming, one is drawn to be alert about the dangerous new shape and conditions/effects that the world is turning into. We all have to do something, before the entire world goes down the drain. Therefore putting both the world and human being in a danger zone. We all should be involved to solve the mess, we have caused ourselves. We all have to partake in the different solutions for a common goal, to save the world conditions and mankind.

  2. becksie2 Says:

    I agree with this persons comments, that collective action is necessary to take back control of the atmosphere and environment as a commons. However, for this to happen there needs to be a shift in the power struggle. Currently there is an ongoing debate on the levels of CO2 ommissions from richer countries. So called developed countries who are aware of the affect of industrialisation and globalisation on the earth.

    each of us can make small changes to our lifestyles and habits, but these will have a minimal impact. There needs to be a fundemental changes to industry and the way in which our global markets operate for their to be a real change. However, the bigger change needs to come from us as consumers. We need to become conscious consumers and not passive consumers. We need to be more aware of the real cost of what we purchase and not just always look for the bargain, because the bargain is short sighted.

  3. bmash Says:

    I totally agree with your comment. I was just reading a article this afternoon, at what happens to the commons after disaster strikes. In africa natural disasters are leaving many vulnerable the reproductive system, sexual assualt- HIV/ AIDS and waterborne diseases. When vulnerable people are displaced others take advantage sexual assualts on young adults and unwanted pregrancies occuring due to lack of resources. Lack of clean water resulting in outbreaks of illness. On the whole it is the preparation that needs to be addressed so that they are no major consequences.

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