Bhopal Disaster Company is sponsoring Olympic Stadium


It was in December 1984 that a gas pipe leaked 27 million tons of the deadly gas methyl isocyanate in direction of the 2 mile away village in Bhopal, India. Thousands died that night under the hands of the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal.

The factory was shut but the site was never cleaned and the poisons remain there to date. 500.000 people were exposed to the gas and 25.000 have died to date. Union Carbide knew that the plant was a liability but kept silent. As a result of their silence, people in Bhopal kept on using the contaminated water for cooking and drinking with horrific results. ‘Bhopal’s babies are born to mothers in whose wombs, blood and breast milk poison flow’ states the Bhopal Medical Appeal. A local lady recalls, ‘Both my babies were greenish-black. One had a soft head, eyes not quite connected to the sockets.’

Union Carbide and its owner Dow Chemical were asked by US and Indian laws to clean up the site and compensate those who have been exposed to the gas and water. Dow Chemical refused. Till date they are saying that it was not their fault and have done nothing to help.

Now Dow spends hundreds of millions of dollars into advertising, promoting itself as a caring company associated with health, strength and fitness. Dow signed a deal with IOC to become an Olympic sponsor for the London Olympics in 2012. They agreed to pay for the fabric wrap that will surround the stadium showing Dow’s logo for 2 months before the games start.

Myself I find it shocking and ignorant to commit to Dow for the Olympic Games when it is clear what they have done in the past and won’t do in the future. Also there is a campaign running where protesters will meet in front of the Olympic Stadium on December 6th to confront the officials.


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One Response to “Bhopal Disaster Company is sponsoring Olympic Stadium”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    O yes, l am in full support with the protesters and the MPs in campaigning against the olympic chief, coming in December 6th, for allowing Dow chemical company to sponsor in the decorative wrapping on the olympic stadium activities, that is forth coming. This is not the right thing to do. The Dow past actions were against human existence and rights. The Union carbide, new about the contaminated water and gas exposition. This horrific event killed lots of people, without any compensation for those that are alife, with sickly/deformed body. Most especially the poor little children, who are deformed and have more years to live with disabled form/shape. Even leaving most families disrupted, leaving children in an orphange condition, leaving the survival human beings with no future/hope of a better life and even generations to come. Actions should be taken against the Dow. I say it again, this is against humanity.

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