High speed-rail Project


The high speed rail project has seen a robust government promotion. Last week ministers unveil plans for the the project despite strong protest from people and the environmental activist. The departments for transport says the new rail project will transform Britain’s economic geography, bring the cities together and transform businesses and create jobs and employments. The high speed project will cost around £34 billion and the London-to-Birmingham section is due to open in 2026 followed by phase two to the north-east and north-west of England in 2032-33.

The fact that it makes economic sense and reasons makes it extremely difficult for the fight against environmental pollution and degradation. Whatever the case they would be some form of economic argument in favour of any project not just the high speed rail project. This reminds me of the Heathrow expansion projects. With Heathrow expansion economic reasons have been given and says it will bring in a net income of about £5billion.  Despite serious noise levels and extensive pollution, ministers are still bent on delivering the project. ”A Department of Transport spokesperson said: “In giving support for a third runway at Heathrow, the Government was absolutely clear that new capacity will only be released only once strict air quality and noise conditions are shown to be met and on the basis of independent assessment. An enforcement framework for this is being developed and we will consult on our proposals later this year” Clearly this is a manifestation that the Heathrow expansion project too will take off at some point.

As indicated above, ministers continue to make economic arguments for the high speed project as against environmental arguments. They continue to give it a good case for the high speed train project. Among other reasons they even argue that High Speed 2 will reduce Carbon dioxide emissions. In don’t understand or see how it is going to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and this is worrying as it just confirms that ministers are prepared to everything they can to support a project. May be I am ignorant but can anyone tell me how the high-speed trains is going to reduce carbon dioxide, it is absurd, don’t they know tress are going to be cut, don’t they know the forest and green environment would be destroyed?

The big and important question is do we really need the high speed train? In my view i believe there are alternatives where by increasing the capacity of the existing trains and facilities. I am sure it is only for the economic reasons that this is receiving so much support from the government.

Whatever arguments they are giving in support of the high speed train, the environmental impact will be immediate and worse for those already living in the area. Farmers will lose their jobs as they would be displaced and eventually their livelihood. The damage to the physical environment would be great. Do we know how many tress/forest would be destroyed. How long would it take to replace the lost forest/tress considering that the hole project will finish in 2033. Read more about the high-speed train on stop HS2


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