Britain blaming Europe for crisis


Every day when I listen to the news I just hear David Cameron or some other high positioned official complaining about Europe and “their crisis”. They are talking about the crisis in a way that they want to make believe that it comes from Europe and is threatening Britain due to European errors.

What really bugs me here is that first of all Britain is Europe, so when they say; “Europe is having bad impacts on British jobs” I am thinking; “You are Europe as well!” I know they are trying to point out the economical part of Europe and the Eurozone, but more than often the British refer to themselves as Non-Europeans, which is just not true. Second they are in a crisis since 2006 and their economy has never really recovered in any of the following years. So blaming it on “European” economies such as France and Germany, who had great recovery rates since then, is nothing short of cowardice from officials. Third is that now with the recent troubles of Greece and especially Italy Cameron and his government have found some sort of excuse to blame bad growth and high unemployment to these countries and take the heat of their own problems. Finally is that Britain is only interested in what benefits its own country and does not care about their fellow European countries. It is a self-interest that is only topped by the USA in completely ignoring the commons to promote economic growth.

Obviously here are a lot of variables coming in, but this is how they present themselves in the news. As I come from central Europe I find this especially offensive from local news such as BBC and Guardian promoting these ideas of “bad Europe” and “poor misunderstood Britain”. What do you think of this?


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