Population Growth and Environmental Sustainability


As the world’s population is 7 billion what does the future hold for us? Will the pressures of population explosion affectthe environament or are we only concern with environmental degradation, polutions, etc. Are the natural resources able sustain to meet the growing needs of increasing populations of about 9 billion by mid century. Are we getting healthier, do we have sustainable and prosperous future for the populations, how about inequalities, environmental decline and economic setbacks. The State of World Population 2011 report, published by UNFPA.


2 Responses to “Population Growth and Environmental Sustainability”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    Since the world is now 7billion population in planet earth at 31st of october, one wonders what is going to happen to the natural resources that will be in a reduced proportion, in regards to the increasing demand of the population. All the different governments, that makes the world has to find solutions to the climate change, eurozone crises, the occupy wall street protesters, the increase of unemployment, youth crime, corruption in all different levels of government, drug/alcohol abusers, breakage in a family, war, diseases, natural disasters, increase in mother/child mortality and trade problems. One imagin what our younger generations will look like.

  2. deemoyo Says:

    I was reading on reading on the subject of population and urbanisation in Africa when in 2009 Africa’s population for the first time exceeded a billion, with over 40 percent living in urban areas. It is projected by 2040, african cities’ will be home to one billion, equivalent to the continent’s total population in 2009. when one thinks about the pressures population increase in the cities can bring ie on basic infrastructure, social services (health and education) affordable housing and the need to stimulate economic development and job creation vs environmental degradation, pollution, and other problems associated with rapid urbanisation eg poverty and slums etc. Population growth to me becomes a challenge for sustainability.

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