Dale Farm


Agree or disagree with the Dale Farm travellers plight to reclaim the site, this is an example of a collective reclaiming a commons.  The BBC have provided ongoing coverage of this story, the latest report can be found here.   What do you think of this?  Should the travellers be supported to recalim a site they have occupied for 30 years or has the cost of this occupation and eviction be so much that the local council should prevent any residential use of this site again?


One Response to “Dale Farm”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    The eviction of Dale Farm travellers, has caused the injuries of two settlers, that narrowly crossed death. I learned that some of the settlers have gone back to the site in a legal way now. This is good news to hear, because it caused the travellers their entire livelihood and common values, when they were evicted last month.

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