Spot the commons


Spot the commons in this account of the Occupy Wall Street movement.


One Response to “Spot the commons”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    Of course one can spot the commons, who are seen as the 99%, while the remaining 1% of the population are known as the rich people that are not feeling the heat of this globalisation effect and climate change threat to the entire population of USA.
    The great financial bubble of the Clinton-Bush years has ended in tears–in home foreclosures, bank failures and what promises to be the most severe global economic recession since the Great Depression. As President-elect Obama puts together his economic recovery program, he needs to understand that the economic crisis is the result not just of unscrupulous mortgage lenders and unregulated investment bankers on Wall Street but of the globalization of finance and trade that key members of his economic team set in motion when they were in the Clinton administration. The uncomfortable truth is that the current system of global commerce and transnational finance is inherently prone to crisis and is incompatible with Obama’s goal of rebuilding the American middle class. Any sustainable recovery on the domestic front, therefore, will depend on his success in getting other countries to agree to fundamental changes in that global system. I would expect Obama to sit down with his government officials and the citizens of USA, putting things right in their government activities along with with the other governments of the entire world. This is important so that the world can be in a better/safe atmosphere place to live in. The arresting and beating of the citizens of USA, will not solve the global situation right now.

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