The London youths gangs culture of enclosure


Family bonds in various inner London communities are mostly weak and relationship between children and parents is rarely cohesive. In many local communities, families have broken down especially within the ethnic minority communities. This situation in turn had brought about not only a socio-cultural and moral disconnect but also a serious social anomaly that the utilization of infrastructural and civil commons and including our streets and parks are mostly unsafe to the public. People are meant to be always happy when using the commons  but as many youth gang have now converged on the these public spaces carrying out guns and knife attacks, theft, drugs abuse crimes and a host of  other ill-vices, enormous fear is then created to for public.

According to Gottlies (2001), “family’s position at interface between children and society” but the family authority has decline considerably, thus the accomplishment of family roles in the provision of moral and social realities that propel children into societies is weakened. All these have emerged as a result of government policies and other institutional child upbringing guidelines which direct parents, and children. Local communities are now very concerned about the incredible number of youths engaged in these activities seen as inimical to peoples’ safety and freedom.

There are however multiples underlining causes of the limited life options for youths, making it difficult for them to make a positive way forward. They have low level of happiness, satisfaction, sense of well being and are in situation of extreme vulnerability which propels them into transactional ill-vices. The guns and knives killings cause intense fear and severe impact on the use of the commons.

Recognizing the dangers associated with this, the commoners are often seen to be vigilant toward this kind of enclosure. Although with the effort of the metropolitan police and community support officers who are always on the move in their efforts to put people at ease has tried to bring back the enclosure to the community, however, they have also been a target for the youth gangs and the slashing of two police officers on the beat clearly give us an insight of this sadden situation.

However, to stop this kind of situation in the city like London, It is necessary to help youths through transformation that will earn them decent living without endangering their lives and community peaceful co-existence.

Government, local authorities and concerned organisations should try to salvage the situation so that the spirit of self moulding with absolute morality and control should emerge and the culture of gang-fare be appropriately addressed.



One Response to “The London youths gangs culture of enclosure”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    There should be co-operation within any community in any located area. There should be co-operation/participation of the commoners and government officials, which should be community based, then move to the city level and to national level, then to international level. There should be rules and regulations laid down for health/safety, which are used in governing the community, for the peace/respect of one person to another. Globalization is also needed, but in a balanced state between the developed and developing countries. There should be different establishment of various organizations, for the protection of human being rights, environmental conditions/sustainability and the safety of the world. The world also needs the activities of NGOs and Alternatives of NGOs, in a small and large scale for the health/safety of the world in a peaceful environment. When all this are considered and put together, it will help in changing altitudes. creating expectations, building organizations and developing the process of any product. Finanly family institution is very important for the growth and development of a society in a country. It is the basis/foundation of the entire world, for its success/development and economical growth. Family that stays together for a positive goal, will definitly give a positive influence to the society.

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