Climate Change is the Biggest Global Health Threat of the 21st Century


On the AMSA (Australian Medical Students’ Association) website I found a very powerful message on climate change and health. The message is that climate change has the biggest impact on health on the globe, even bigger than single vector diseases. The scale is enormous, from direct and indirect effects, small scale diseases and natural catastrophes.

On this link you can find the website. There are four steps to follow which I am sure will impress you if you don’t know these issues already. In step one is a video called Climate Code Green – the impact of climate change by danielyore which can also be found on youtube. When I watched this video for the first time I got goose bumps, so I hope it will have the same influence on you.

To give a little sum up the effects of environmental change due to climate change are:

Direct: exposure to UV radiation, extreme weather events (floods, water shortages, heat waves, hurricanes), pollution events (Asian Brown Cloud).

Indirect: Vector-borne diseases (Malaria), (Re-) emergent diseases, displacement of population, Land-use change (deforestation), reduced food security, conflicts.

For further explanations and definitions the World Health Organization has published a fact sheet; the solid facts on climate change and health dated 12 March 2010. And there is a video from Google Tech Talks by Paul Epstein from the Harvad Medical School on the effects of climate change on health.  He is talking about the history of health and climate change and what is being done at the moment.


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2 Responses to “Climate Change is the Biggest Global Health Threat of the 21st Century”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    Yes climate change is the biggest effect to the global health in this 21st century. Can you see what is happening to Thailand. The government of Thailand, is passing through a lot of the flooding event that has kept them in a difficult state of emergency.
    Take a look at the situation in this event. Take a look at the present situation in Thailand
    This has not only cost billions of dollars to take care of the mess, also, it has disrupted all the country activities and their livelihood.

  2. samui property Says:

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