The role of women in the occupation commons


Great article from The Nation, explaining the crucial role of women in maintaining the horizontal character of the Occupy Wall Street movement.


2 Responses to “The role of women in the occupation commons”

  1. anil_bajpai Says:

    Really interested in the topic but unfortunately the link does not open the page. Can you please rectify this. Thanks

  2. ngoziokei Says:

    Women plays crucial role in life, for anything to be carried out successfully. The role of women in maintaining the horrizontal character of the occupy wall street movement, can be seen in various ways. Women are everywhere and they are not going away. Sara Seltzer said that “women helped found and sustain the leaderless, anarchist – influenced movement – and despite running into bursts of sexism and ignorance, they are determined to stick around”.
    According to JoAnn Wypijewski said that ” The occupy movement is not a sexual revolution. But in a society organised for alienation, it has made human contact its sword and its sheild.
    Also Eve Ensler asked a question on ” How can women make their voices central to the debate that the occupy movement has created?
    Occupy Wall Street (OWS) said thanks to women, as well as a number of their allies that are involved and committed to sticking around, ensuring a maximum diversity of partiscipation. The women are doing the work for themselves and the movement. “Liberation is not the private province of any one particular group,” says Shaiata Husain.
    Quoting Audre Lorde ” Elevating the voices of women for sustainability, building a ” Viable meaningful protest against the hegemony of the rich.” http://www.the
    Human voice began to echo over the human microphone. Women have been entrenched in the day -to- day (running meetings, procuring food) and long term (analyzing structure, building solidarity). The Occupy Wall Street Women wishes that their feverent wish is that the movement’s careful attention to inclusive structure including “safe space” caucuses and working groups and a committment to anti oppression training. Women organises women into groups in the community, acknowledge that, lf we are stating a new way of thinking it has to include finding true equality and really respecting each other.

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