Ugandan government hiding Oil Production Sharing Agreement (PSA)


Ugandan president has dismissed allegation that he could have received personal payments from Italian oil firm ENI, in return for heritage oil’s exploration rights and said Tullow oil official who reportedly made the claim is an “idiot”. The Italian oil company, in which deposed Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi reportedly had significant shares made a spirited bid to acquire , at $1.5 million, the 50 per cent stake of heritage that was at the time exiting from Uganda’s oil business. Initial official accounts indicated that the other co-investors in lake Albert oil finds invoked its first right of refusal to block ENI’s offer, resulting in the intended farm-down with China offshore oil company (CNOOC) and France’s Total.

Uganda’s parliament however has been on fire for more than a week now with a group of parliamentarians, both opposition and ruling party (NRM) working round the clock to have the content of the agreement between the government and the oil companies discussed in parliament. Some cabinet ministers have also been alleged of taking bribe from this oil company in order to award the contract.

It is in my opinion that, there is need for transparency in Uganda’s oil sector and it is very important that Ugandans knows all about the dealing with the companies which are going to explore their oil. The public must be made aware about the terms and conditions in the Oil Production Agreement (PSA) other than hiding it away from the public. However illegal the agreement is, the government should change the terms and conditions and make it public for the consumption of its citizen.

With over 170 members of parliament having my same opinion, they have signed a petition to have the oil production Agreement (PSA) tabled before the parliament. Although, it would be of paramount importance if they could emphasized the forceful resignation of the accused top cabinet ministers from their positions to give room for investigations. They should also be petitioned before the Anti- corruption court for further investigations and if found guilty, they should be prosecuted according to the law of Uganda for the abuse of their offices and mismanagement of public funds.

Otherwise, Ugandans should leave the principle of “Individual benefits as individual from his ability to deny the truth even though society as a whole, of which he is a part, suffers (Garrett Hardin).


One Response to “Ugandan government hiding Oil Production Sharing Agreement (PSA)”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    The developing countries needs a lot of work do in carrying out a true functioning democratic government in their countries. The developing countries likes power too much, and wishes to retain that power for themselves, if possible forever. We can all recall just resently, how/what happened to former Libya leader, who just resently died by saying that he will pay by fighting Nato back for this position (as the president) with his last blood. This should not be so. There should be agreement within the president and top ministers of uganda towards the oil production in that country. There must be transparency within the government officials. Any government officer, should be removed/investigated, when found wanting. Nobody is above the law. Any petition found within the ugandans or any government official, should face anti corruption court and perseceuted according to the law of uganda. This should be carried out immediately because, it is the abuse of office and mismanagement of public funds. Developing countries will find it difficult to have a good functioning democracy and trust from other developed countries, without being transparent/faithfull towards one another and resposible for their actions, before having a good economy growth/development in their countries.

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