The Ugly Face of China’s Development.


As Chinese products become more popular around the world, China has become the most rapidly developing economy in the world, with increased productivity; China is witnessing an unprecedented era of economic prosperity. China is currently creating more wealth than any other nation. Even the United States of America is now indebted to them. Within the last 50 years, China has move from an agrarian economy to a manufacturing giant. But what remains unknown to the rest of the world is the cost to the environment and human lives. Now the questions are, how is this wealth created?  What are the processes involved?  What impact is it making on the environment and on people’s livelihoods?

With modernization and economic transformation, communities in rural China have witnessed complete destruction of Livelihoods – forced migration, mass internal displacements and lost of farm lands are among some of the common stories all over China. Forests and farm lands for centuries have been used as a common resource these has been lost through’ accumulation by dispossession’, which has destroyed the socio-economic fabric of these communities.

Quite recently, a group of BBC journalists visited an area in Northern China and discovered a community called ‘THE BLUE DRAGON VILLAGE’ which was not on the map. This provoked an investigation, and the findings revealed that these communities, refused to be relocated to make way for development projects. As a punishment, the area was removed from the map, National Identification was withdrew, farmers were prevented access to markets, major means of communications cut off, denied access to basic services (education, health etc.) and dis-qualified from receiving any government support. Ever those who attempt to escape this circle of poverty, by migrating to cities, are still
trapped. With no ID they can’t get a job or benefit from social services.

This summarises the ugly face of China’s economic boom. No one can deny the benefits economic growth has brought to China, but the
question still remains, what is the human cost behind all these development?’




One Response to “The Ugly Face of China’s Development.”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    Globalization is seen as a development for both developed and developing countries. This is not really true. The rich countries are getting richer, while the poor countries are getting poorer.
    Only few countries for example (China/Indian), that transform from developing to developed countries. China is now one of the developed countries, that are benefitting form this global ecomomical system, which is at the cost of the china’s workers especially the less privilaged or unskilled workers. One of the negative effects of the globalization, (ln China) is that it has outsourced manufacturing and white collar jobs to developing countries. That means less jobs for the China people and cost of manfacturing goods and wages are lowered.
    Despite China wants to develop globally along with the developed countries, the government should not interfer with the human rights of the Chinesse people. There should be Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which should be carried out in this case of the less priviledged, driven out of their property/taking their lands, for the sake of globalization. There is no reason for the China government, to carry out such annihilate action.
    THE BLUE DRAGON VILLAGE should be kept/located in the map, as a part of all Human Being Rights in this world.

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