No trust/practised livelihood security.


Livelihood security in Nigeria has not enough tangible assets to offset risk, ease shocks and meet a possible future events.  Since we had our independence (october 1960), Nigeria as a developing country, is still behind the developed countries.  Blessed with natural resources, but don’t possess enough basic/practise principles to sustain it.  Being one of the top most crude oil production/distribution countries in the world, it is still experiencing poverty below the line.  No trust/free practise democratic government carried out  by the people, within the people and for the people.  Equity is not considered enough, maintained/ sustained for the livelihoods and wellbeing of the people.  Refusing or being ignorant as a country by not putting the first thing first, will find it difficult having a responsible wellbeing of citizens within each other and experiencing true practical livelihood security.


One Response to “No trust/practised livelihood security.”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    Since the independence of Nigeria (1960), it has not achieved enough standardised, industrialised growth in its economy development. The government should emphasize more in dealing with poverty, unemployment, inequality, listening/involving the commoners goals and values, sustainability of common pool resources and livelihoods, free opportunities/securities of both human rights/resources, practical/transparent democratic government and stopping the wastage of mone, in the government sectors. Also the government, should help farmers in providing land reforms, fertilizers/pesticides, incentives and mechanised/technology equipments for easy agricultural production. There should be transpiracy/honesty in anything that we do in this life, for progress and development in this world/generations to come.

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