Unseasonably Warm?


In the first lecture on ‘Sustainability and the Commons’ a few weeks ago, we saw a video where Angelica Navarro, Bolivia’s chief climate negotiator, was campaigning for the developed countries to repay their climate debt.  The video entitled ‘We Are Not Begging For Aid’ highlighted that the minority of the world’s population has emitted the majority of emissions which has had an impact on climate change.

For the past week we have been experiencing unseasonably high temperatures across the UK.  Is this evidence that the earth is warming up?  According to NASA the earth’s temperature has risen by one degree over the past 130 years.  Therefore glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising and low-lying communities and even whole islands and countries will very soon be under water.

The countries that will be affected are those in the global south and have contributed the least to the emissions damaging the atmosphere.  I believe that Navarro is right to call for compensation from the developed countries.  She is right to remind us that the atmosphere is a commons and each one of us is equal within it, with equal claim over this common resource.  But for every right we have, we have a responsibility.


2 Responses to “Unseasonably Warm?”

  1. charlieeze2011 Says:

    There is no better way to check the environment than Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (RDD).Deforestation amounts to about 20% of global emissions, according to Wangari Maathai, 2004 Nobel Peace Laureate, she reasoned that countries that are willing and able to reduce emissions from deforestation should be financially compensated for doing so. Her proposition and that of Angelica Navarro are correlated pointing as quick remedy for a sustainable forest that will serve as the ‘lungs of the earth’ and provide livelihood for the rural dwellers. By so doing the world’s largest tropical forests in the Amazon, Congo Basin and South East Asia will be protected forming the vital green belt around the world to soak away the destructive gases that are depleting the ozone layers.
    However as the confusion of the role of capitalism on our wellbeing rages on, it becomes clearer that the over dependent on the forests of the global south by the global north has come to stay. If they lose the argument; their economies will crumble. Sadly they wouldn’t, the more reason we should expect warmer, cloudier and chillier climate.

  2. bmash Says:

    I totally agreed with you, I would cited two problems here. First is transparency from the capitailist/ multinationals clearly evidence shows that these firms lack responsibility. The likes of BT do not even attend the CSR conferences, hence a concern.
    Second preparedness for disaster is what we should be focusing on, for the damage is done already. NGO’s and governments should put in place rapid response when disaster strikes, so the already vulnerable victims do not suffer unnecessary for prolonged period as the case of Haiti.

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