Sale of Mabira forest for sugarcane growing: Uganda


Uganda has suffered a lot of economic crisis with the price of sugar tripling within just three months and majority of the population are unable to afford it. This has made the president to resort to a new solution of selling away Mabira forest to the Mehta group of companies to plant sugarcanes in order to boost the sugar production in the country. The president however claims that the sugar crisis has been as a result of not giving away the forest to this sugar company in 2007 of which many Ugandans protested and it claimed 3 lives.

“No one will intimidate me on Mabira forest and I cannot be shouted at. I cannot be deterred by people who do not know where the future lies. Uganda cannot go far without adventuring into industrialization if we stay without factories, poverty will reign us and we may even be colonized again” said the president (Source: Uganda Online website directory)  

The environmentalist have however vowed to renew the fight to stop the president from the sale of Mabira forest which is a home to 300 bird species that plays role in the country’s eco system, habitat for animals, storing carbon and regulating rainfall.

Though it would be too early to build an opinion about the president’s proposal of industrializing Uganda by selling away the forest, I can conclude that giving away Mabira would mean bringing disaster for the of existence of 300 bird species and destroying the habitat of these innocent animals. Scientists have however estimated that 20 percent of net global emission of carbon dioxide, greenhouse gas that causes climate change is as a result of deforestation because trees suck carbon from atmosphere and experts say Mabira sinks millions of tons of carbon.


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