Oil Spillage in Nigeria


Yesterday, l was listening to Aljazeral TV news hour, when l heard that the oil spillage that took place three years ago has devastated the villagers in Niger-Delta state (Nigeria). This was not a happy news to hear.  Actually this place is my own town of origin.  The villagers are still crying out to the government officials. They are complaining about their daily livelihood means that has being affected.  No more fishing or shelling business, which has cost other food items sold in the village to be high.  The environment in my village is poorly sanitized, no pure water for drinking and household usage, village livestock are at risk and increase in job demand.  That is why the villagers are crying out to shell company international for  a drastic action to be done, towards this oil spillage that has affected the Niger-Delta state of Nigeria.  I hope the crying out of these villagers will be heard, sanity is restored, economy/health state of livelihood is bounced back and the social wellbeing of the Niger-Delta villagers are brought back to the normal state of life.


One Response to “Oil Spillage in Nigeria”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    Oil spillage in Nigeria, is a long term problem that has being going on in the Delta state of Nigeria. The shell petrolum company and Nigeria government should be considerate in the extraction of oil from the different minority tribe villagers community. The oil spillage definitly destroys the livelihoods, water system, shell business, which leads to increase in cost of food/standard of living. For example the Ogoni Tribe are one of the minor community in the Delta state of Nigeria, who are suffering from this oil spillage. This has cost the death of Ken sarrow-wiwa, who was the head of the protest organisation against the government mismanagement/corruption in the oil land of the Ogoni’s Tribe.

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