Famine in the horn


Famine has been define to be the acute shortage of food, also associated with other factors mainly drought, poor infrastructure/ lack of resources, and poor distribution. This point is arguable if there other long-standing problems in the case of famine in Somali. Are we now looking at more of a failed state with greedy individuals in the TFG- Transitional federal government, and no rule of law to carry out justice for the innocent victims.  Is food and aid not a common good for a hungry man? I will bring you attention to the attached article. Over $72 million has gone unaccounted for at the expense of people’s lives. Don’t you think that why we have kamikaze’s carry out destruction in the name of ‘jihad’. I will not be the judge, but maybe they are not heard because there are in opposition to government policy/ ideology (Sharia Law). Al-Shaba possibly just wants the western to stop interfering with TFG and American imposed govt: Transitional Federal Government (TFG) & American-imposed African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) for the need of power.


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