Organic Food


Organic food is food growing  without using any kind of chemicals from pesticides to fertilizers,hormones and genetic engineering (or product). Processed organic food product is not used preservatives or food colouring or other synthetic additive.Organic food processing and manufacturing technologies are defined luxury, including all physical technologies / Mechanical enzymatic / biological.Contains mostly organic fertilizer compost made from vegetable food scraps, clippings and manure of farm animals (sheep and cattle).In order to be approved to be labelled as organic, a product have to be  produced using at least 95% of organic ingredients or derivation of them, those who are not from organic materials should be permitted ingredients list, or at least not be a list of components is prohibited.

Organic products can be defined as

food where all  the links in the chain that led to the creation are also organic: watering crops and livestock drinking water would rather use – tested groundwater contaminated leftovers that are not pesticides; food and fertilizer provided over a period of growth will carry organic standards; additives during processing are organic themselves.

There are also limitations of the organic products in terms of storage and handling. the case of animal products which are produced “organic” according to their producers are monitored by independent bodies. They supervise the parameters in which the animals are growing, from living spaces, organic nutrition, usage of medicines and vaccines.  All these allow that artificial hormones and medicines to be used only in emergency situations such as diseases which cant be cured otherwise.


One Response to “Organic Food”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    Processed food are known as organic, when it’s produced products uses 95% of organic ingredients. Organic products has it’s limitations in terms of storage/handling and monitored by independent bodies. It is very expensive to buy any organic food in the market, therefore not everyone can afford it. Organic food have more natural nutritional values. This nutrients are very important for human growth and maturity. Also organic food has links of chain, starting from it’s raw natural ingredients to it’s processed products. That is why there is no fear of the use of injected or induced pesticides/fertilizers on the reaction of the human body. It is very rear to see/hear that, organic food already in the hands of the consumer is toxic to human consumption/health.

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