Enclosure of the land: china


After the Tiananmen Square massacre the Chinese ruling party established a new form of profit making mechanism, the land enclosure movement. Since its establishment a number of peasants were forcefully removed from their fields and dweller from cities have been forced to move to different location with only few receiving moderate compensation. Local governments have successfully traded lands owned by the people for political achievements and financial profit.

This form of enclosure has led to increasing mass protests of Chinese peasants. It has been estimated that in 2004 three million people were involved in demonstration and because more farmers are becoming aware of their rights, the government in Beijing is getting increasingly concerned.

For many people the government is a key force in the land trade abuse, especially when looked at its relation with the idiosyncrasy of the Chinese real estate market. Apart from the real estate developers and property buyers, there are also two other parties, the original owner and local governments who seized the land from the original owners, the government then it sells the right of usage of the land to real estate developers. Therefore the central government is the arbitrator in land related conflict.

The Chinese are the victims of the local governments profited oriented mechanism and corrupted officials. Nearly 60 million Chinese peasants were victimised and have lost their fields which is their only means of living. They are given small amount of subsidy for their lost of land and can barely feed themselves and their family.

The Chinese people as a whole are also victim of the enclosure movement because the country’s resources are exhausted with just short-term gains by the government. The Chinese government tried for a long period of time to regulate the land market; however it has never succeeded in it. The only solution to this problem is by giving land ownership to communities and individuals.


One Response to “Enclosure of the land: china”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    I agree and support that the only solution to this enclosure of the land by the chinese government from the commons, is by giving back the land (ownership) to the communities/individuals and freely giving lands to the people, by creating an opportunity for farming business. Drastic action has to be carried out on any kind of illegal business from all official staffs of government. No one is above the law, therefore everyone is brought to justice. This judicial act will help, enhance and increase the economic/social development of china.

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