Carbon reduction in European Union


European Union decided  to cut much more dramatically emissions of greenhouse gases Germany, France and Britain in a surprise statement that shocked much of the business, writes Financial Times.   Ministers from three countries stood behind the idea of the European Union to reduce its emissions of carbon dioxide by 30% by 2020, instead of currently planned 20% to 1990 levels.  Even tough the European Union  Emissions Trading Scheme has its problems, it has had a great deal more success than its alternatives. It not only reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2% to 5% in its first three years, but it put an effective mechanism in place to more aggressively reduce emissions over time, according to Forbes (article mentioned below).

The initiative of the three countries, however, again stirs dispute that most companies were considered closed. In May this year the European Commission announced that reduce carbon emissions by 30% would cost 22 billion per year less prior forecast, as the recession has limited emissions. Strong protests from the business community, however, forced the Commission to agree that such removal of ceiling on emissions should wait more “appropriate time”.

Germany has long opposed the unilateral reduction of emissions by 30% and supported the original idea of the union to lower the ceiling only if other countries agree to such a move – something that no agreement was reached at last year’s meeting of Copenhagen. France also had reservations about such a decision.

However, some companies, including those working in the field of green technology, support the more stringent limit carbon emissions. According to Joan Maknotan, vice president of engineering group Alstom – “30% emission reduction can really help to intensify investment in low carbon technologies which Europe needs.”

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One Response to “Carbon reduction in European Union”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    I totally agree that there has to be an agreement on the decision taken for the reduction of carbon emisions by 30% or lowering the ceiling. Taking into considerations of the different circumstances and situations happenning in the world right now. Also living and letting others to live for the benefit of all, thereby creating wholistic environment for a better world/generarions to come.

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