The Brazilian government is keen to improve on the lives of  its citizenry.The need to facilitate  the  provision of capabilities in the form of infrastructural development is key in archieving this goal.There can be no meaningful development if the basic essentials are not provided such as,freedom, food,hospitals,roads,houses,transport to mention but a few.

The Cancaun conference in Mexico(December 2010) is  come and gone and there appears to be no general concessus on climate change and global emission levels.Well you cannot blame the Brazilian government if its aim is to better the lives and livelihood of its people.

I watched a documentary on a development programme undertaken by the Brazilian government to improve transport network   for the rural poor.The Mahaun bridge is a good example.This bridge is built on a river that is served communities/livelihoods for generations.Now the government is spent seventeen  months in the construction of this bridge of twenty seven kilometres and is costed  about $230 million.The  enviromental,economic and cultural  impact of such a development cannot be underesitmated and indeed a tragedy on the commons.The bridge is forced the local people to migrate ,schools and local communities have vanished and above all the livelihoods of the chronic poor have been severely affected/ evaporated.Well to the poor this is  an untimely development as alternative sources of livelihood provision are non existent.The river no longer belongs to them and the government is charging motorists for the use of the bridge.This finances go into the government account with no consideration of renumeration of the poor.

My concerns are,  was the government transpirent in the planning stage,where the rural people affected  empowered in the participation and  decision making of their lives and livelihoods,and how will this development be sustained if the returns are  not plough back into the local communities.

Now lets look at the  livelihood alternatives employed by the communities affected.They have resorted to deforestation as a major source of income and survival.The impact of their actions is  one  major effect of global warming and an overall tragedy of the commons.The  causes and effects of global warming  therefore needs a multi-dimensional approach if  a workable solution is to be sort.



  1. ngoziokei Says:

    I agree and support that global warming needs a multi-dimentional approach for a workable solution. The capability approach, functioning values/abilities carried out, freedom/opportunity given, social/responsible well being of the community, societal necessities and the traditional believes of the community should be taken into consideration by the government, when planning any kind of infrastructures / development programmes. This will lead to a continous participation of the communities, pooling together/use of any form of resources and it’s sustainability for economical growth/development.

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