can africa feed itself


This was an interview i recently listened to and as an optimist am very much  in support of the recommendations suggested.The countries in Africa need to identyify hunger and poverty as utmost priorities and vehicles to sustainable development.The  need to adopt democratic priciples  in enpowering the chronic poor,that is, to actively engage them in the decisions that impact on their lives and livelihoods .The need for close partnership with the global north is essential in research and development.


One Response to “can africa feed itself”

  1. ngoziokei Says:

    Yes, Africa can feed itself, if given the free opportunity by the developed countries. This can be done by reducing the substidized goods, reduction of tax/duty fees, importing of food aids when nesessary and reducing protectionalism by the developed coutries. This should be done to allow the idea of competing with the developed countries. Africa itself should be transparent in their democratic system of government, to increase the social wellbeing and responsibilities of their citizens. “one has to live and letting others to live too”.

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