I am a keen listener to the ‘one planet programme’ on the BBC world service.I  listened to an interview  recently  conducted by the BBC (one planet ) with Christian Figueres-Executive Secretary UNFCCC.The theme of  this interview was what she expected to be different this time in Cancun as compared to Copenhagen,Kyoto(the general lack of binding agreement between countries in climate change interventions and emission level caps).She acknowledged that the issue of climate change is humanities greatest challenges and opportunities.That if only this meeting will increase the interest of the planet by one inch,progress would have been made and confimed that it will be a very slow process.

Weaknesses she identified in the Copenhagen summit were(1)the lack of legitimacy of some countries.That countries were not well represented in the decision making process,(2)that there was a fundermental problem of the principles of  transpirency and inclusiveness.Well according to her these  problem will be better addressed in Cancun.My question is  ‘how can people base decisions on the intelligence of others’.Lets wait and see.

The challenges faced by different countries be them social,economic,cultural,political,willingness to mention but a few will inherently make any internationally binding agreement on emission levels/changing the climate a mere talking shop.Fundermental also are market forces in their drive for globalisation with capitalist interests .Nontheless,these forces must not be allowed to function independently in a global society.There must be signals of direction to manage and support them.These can be through international agreements in carbon emissions, and at national levels to develop frameworks to encourage markets to invest in green technology.

How will this processes be acclerated in Cancun?Firstly,there was the pledge  in Copenhagen to raise the sum of $1 billion per year fund house.This will need global and bilateral agreements to subject high emission countries to pay for cardon trade,putting self interets aside and consider the interest of the planet.Will this be achieved inlight of current global recession and spending cuts at national and international levels of governments.Secondly,this fund should be used to compesate developing nations who are working towards the objectives of climate change.Thirdly,there needs to be legitimacy in the representation and decision making process and lastly but not the least to uphold the essential principle of accountability and inclusiveness.


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