Commercialization of Education: oil companies funding university research


Yesterday’s class made me think about the enclosures that are taking place in today’s world. One of the examples of enclosures in Knowledge and Life was the marketization of education. Once again there was an example of this in Democracy Now that reported on 18th of October, 2010 about how oil companies are now funding universities and their research. Democracy Now reports how big oil companies have made agreements with different universities regarding of their research and how this seriously threatens the independence of academic research.  It is worth watching and thinking about how seriously these kinds of agreements influence the actual research findings and what implications do these kinds of agreements have for the future of independent academic research. Is this just another way to prevent us to access something that should belong to us all, knowledge?

Big Oil Goes to College: BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell Fund & Influence Research at Major Universities, Democracy Now 18th of October, 2010


One Response to “Commercialization of Education: oil companies funding university research”

  1. Ashli Says:

    This is such an interesting finding, and one that doesn’t surprise me when it comes to the constant push for oil companies to make a profit no matter who or what gets hurts on the way. Our dependence on oil is destroying our environment, costing us lives, and apparently now even compromising our access to accurate information. It makes me wonder when we’ll say enough is enough and start taking legitimate steps towards reducing our dependence on oil.

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