Bio-fuels Not Real Alternative to Fossil Fuels


Bio-fuels are becoming increasingly popular for fuelling automobiles in parts of the US and Latin America. Currently Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of bio-fuels. Therefore, the Brazilian government strongly advocates bio-fuels as the only real alternative to fossil fuels. In fact at the current climate summit in Copenhagen, Brazilian delegates pushed hard to show that bio-fuel can combat Greenhouse gas emissions and lift millions out of poverty. According to Ciobanu (the Guardian Friday, 11 Dec. 2009) for the past 30 years, since Brazil started the ethanol programme, an estimated 800 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions have been avoided.
However, bio-fuel production may not be sustainable in the long term as the practice is now eating into farmlands meant for food production and seems to encourage deforestation. Therefore, if in the long run bio-fuel production will continue to encourage deforestation and affect food production, then this makes it an expensive alternative to fossil fuels since the forest that is expected to capture part of the Greenhouse gases, is all disappearing.


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