Empowering the community to have saying in decision making process can increase their ability to come out with new ideas for development. Institutional power is a good idea to involve more people, and reduce the influence of small interest groups in the decision making process.

Therefore establishing a strong sustainable development policy will increase and strengthening the needs of government, NGOs, gender, religious, kinship, and other social groups in the society, but the consequence involving institutional capacity is the complexity of interconnected elements that surrounds the society ( Healey, 1997) that means, it involve proofs and effort to establish relationships between all interest groups about the way development should take place in a community. The key point of involving local community in decision making process, is to show the role of local institution in sustainable development (Amin and Thrift, 1995). This approach was supported  at the 1992 Rio Earth Summit for the achievement of participatory environmental management

By Mac-konah Tokpah


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