Climate, Environment and development


Climate, Environment and development

It is very impossible to separate climate from the environment. Whilst it is quite easy to define and classify climate, in the past it has been belief that the climate is free from the control or influence of human activity. Over the past years, the environment has had many definitions, though it has been used as a custom to describe the surroundings in which people lived. People make particular changes to environmental conditions in such a way that the environment in turn influence the development of human activity (Gupta and Asher, 1998:3). Perhaps in the development context this is very important in terms of the success or  failure of  agriculture and human living condition, in both rural and urban areas.  That means, the global climate are changing due to  human activity, and it is widely been accepted by a group of scientist that the result are possibly important for the world poorer communities.

Developing countries are situated within the tropical areas of the climate, where natural plants are equally distributed within its environment, and the land are also naturally balanced with the maximum amount of flora and fauna, therefore interfering with such environment or climate can always increase problems within human activities. The combination of high temperature and heavy rainfall can affect the chemical rate in the atmosphere, and also reduce the production of minerals soil. Generally sandy soils gives support to low biomass and its most-likely to contribute to the cost of erosion. Therefore where population and development put pressure on the use of land or crops, it can always lead to the breakdown of culture.

By Mac-konah Tokpah


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