What are the options to change the current system?


For most of us it is more and more clear that the way that things function cannot stay the same for any longer. And this is due to the fact that we are living in a way which is not sustainable, as English people like to say.
Moreover it seems that we are in this situation due to some system errors deep embedded in the roots of our civilisation. This means that a superficial change is not possible. As a consequence we do need a fundamental change.
How will this huge change take place? Ideally, more and more people could opt for not sustaining the current system and in the meantime they could build alternative structures, in which case we would have a gradual transition. The worst case scenario could be that we assisst to a clash of our civilization, a a destruction of all we have been building on in the past 10.000 years.
How could the clash take place? It is hard to estimate. Below you can find a few possibilities:
– gradual destruction of the current economic structure.
– a gradual growth of the orwellian authoritarism, and a final battle between the dictatorial system and population.
– a final fight in form of World War three where the last remaining resources are at stake.
Anyway we look at this situation we can see that, the less independent you get (from states, corporations) the less afected you are. As mentioned earlier, the alternative to distruction is a gradual transition. This is the case when more people stop sustaining the current system and build alternative structures in the meanwhile. In addition, there are a few advantages we can think of in not sustaining the current system anymore. An advantage could be a less stresfull and more enjoyable life.
What does not to sustain the current system anymore mean?
Firstly, it means that we should not buy things we do not really need any longer. That implies the fact that you need less money, and you need to work less for the amount of money you really need.
Secondly, you have much more free time to spend learining new things, spending time with your family and friends. I know that whatever you do with your free time could be related to local communities. Of course, unfortunalty one person cannot do too much.


One Response to “What are the options to change the current system?”

  1. rlinton Says:

    Many people cannot afford the things they need (let alone just want), no matter how hard they work. Many people cannot afford the things they need because they are unable to work. And I’m not just talking about developing countries either. Did you know that the government does not fund mobility scooters? These are costly to the point of being unfeasable for those living on benefits, too often the people who need such aids and equipment. In such circumstances working less just isn’t an option, even if society decides to be less frivolous. So these people would have to work harder than everyone else, and still be able to access less than everyone else.

    The other side is that for every non-essential commodity we decide to remove from the market, people lose their jobs. Real people left without livelihoods. Idealistic scenarios are wonderful, but in reality they are not so easy to implement.

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