Yet another piece of evidence of Climate Change/Global Warming


In our last lectures on the ‘Commons’, there was almost a heated debate on whether Climate Change is real or not. Of course the skeptics were not as many, though some very defying. For those of us who have already lived for 40 years and above, we only need to recall on the changes in the environment for the past 20 t0 25 years. We are experiencing in the Tropics extreme heat waves, floods, short rainfall patterns, etc. For those in the temperate and polar areas, winters are getting shorter with little or atimes no snowfall, permafrost receding, polar bears becoming uncomfortable in their environment, etc. These are all important signs that the earth is being warmed up constantly. Please you can read below another evidence of Climate change from Iceland News/RUV Reports:
Icelandic glaciologist Helgi Bjornsson believes all Iceland’s melting glaciers will be gone within 150 to 200 years. This includes Europe’s largest glacier, Vatnajokull.
Bjornsson’s new book “Icelandic glaciers” (only available in Icelandic Language) says the melting of the glaciers will mean Iceland’s many glacial rivers cease to exist – and with them, many of the country’s hydroelectric power stations. He describes the coming changes as the biggest to occur in Iceland for 10,000 years.
The book explores the history and science behind Icelandic glaciers, as well as a look at their foreseeable end and the varied new landscape they will leave behind, RUV reports.


One Response to “Yet another piece of evidence of Climate Change/Global Warming”

  1. Sergiu Sidei Says:

    The most common argument against climate change is that there have been no significant changes in weather in the past decade. However, if we look at the weather in the past century and now, we can notice major changes in climate. It may not be very obvious to the young generation, but for I remember for instance in Romania that during my childhood we used to have four seasons, which had very clear characteristics. Nowadays, the four seasons somehow melted into two. Consequently we have very hot summers lasting from April-may till October, and very cold winters. Clearly climate is changing and all over the globe it’s negative effects started to be felt.

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