Climate Change; Africa’s nemesis


Whilst commuting on the Central Line train, my eyes made contact with an advertisement that read something like…

“Developing countries are not interested in the effects of climate change, they already know it.”

In my curiosity, I decided to check up a list of countries that have been worst hit by climate change. I realised that the bulk of the list, constituted countries located in sub-Saharan Africa.

Secondly, I discovered that Africa remains a hub of social unrests which are closely linked to climate change. Below is an article from the World Development Briefing ( Blood Boiling) which supports my findings:

Given the dreadful effect of climate change on this part of the world, African delegates (in a pre Copenhagen summit held in Barcelona) are clamouring for the developed countries to show commitment in a climate change treaty.

This treaty, they advocate, will result in the developed countries (especially the European Union and United States) reducing their emission of green house gases by up to 40%. Without conclusive negotiations on this subject, the possibility of reaching a unanimous agreement in the December becomes nothing short of illusion. Below is a short video clip…

Africa calls the tune at UN climate talks

By: Joseph Ageyo on November 4th, 2009

Barcelona climate talks stall as African delegations demand action.


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One Response to “Climate Change; Africa’s nemesis”

  1. rlinton Says:

    The advertisement your talking about is from Oxfam. I started giving money to them on the basis of that advertisement, and attending this course. Clearly that campaign worked on me.

    I have to say I’m in two minds about this. I don’t think these demands are at all unreasonable. We know that developed countries have the primary contributers to the climate change crisis. Interestingly I’ve just typed the phrase “climate change and the role of developed countries” into a google search to find something to back up that statement, and most of the results were talking about the role of developing countries in addressing climate chane, not developed countries. This does not bode well for developed countires agreeing to take on so much responsibility. Having said that, what will happen if no agreement is reached? Will nothing change and we will continue along our merry way to irreversable environmental destruction. It makes you wonder which is worse, a bad deal or no deal?

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