Creative Commons License


Have you heard about Creative Commons License?

If “yes”, please share your views on it. If “no”, you can find out by following the link below



2 Responses to “Creative Commons License”

  1. joelgateretse Says:

    According to Eric Steuer, the creative director of “creative commons”, “when work is created but then locked up in a silo so that no one else can do anything but look at it passively, it doesn’t reach its full potential.”
    The need to avoid this “silo-effect” gave birth to the “creative commons”, which Steuer describes as “a nonprofit organization that works to make it easier for authors, artists, scientists and educators to share work and collaborate.”
    It is therefore only fair to have some types of copyright licenses that will enable the creators to control changes made on their rightly owned creations, which i believe are the licences you are refering to.

  2. chikaj Says:

    Yes, that’s exactly what I’m referring to. May I also add that this type of license is generally termed “copyleft license”. Please follow the link for more insight:

    Below are some other links in relation to open source software;

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