A resource and a question


While trying to find out the difference between a communal resources and a commons I came across the following website, which I thought might be useful to share.


It’s a great website. It’s even got a glossary of terms associated. I also liked that it recognises that markets still have a role to play in a commons-based society.

Anyway, while I’m here, I’ll post some questions to which I would be interested to hear your views. I would ask that you answer them going on the basis of what you have learned already, rather than going and researching these ideas before posting this.So my questions are:

Is there a difference between a commons and a communal resource?

If so, what is this difference?

If not, why do we have two names for the same concept? What more does the notion of a commoms bring?


One Response to “A resource and a question”

  1. Kawsu Ceesay Says:

    In my mind, there is no significant difference between the commons and a communal resource. The Commons are open access resources which exist at community level, regional level, national level, and even at global level. The atmosphere represents a good example of the global commons, while rivers, streams, swamplands, etc represent examples of commons at communal, national or regional levels.

    A communal resource is an example of a common that exists at community level for example common space in swamps in a RIVER BASIN where different households maintain plot of land for growing rice. Each household owns a plot in a common space and the river serves as a common source of water for the rice crop for all the households. Please this a communal resource.
    By Kawsu Ceesay

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