What problem does tourism cause?


“Tourism is big business. It is one of the world fatest growing industry and is expected to employ more people worldwide than any other industry”.

In the book Key Geography of David Waugh and Tony Bushell pointed: “Tourism has brought many benefits but it has also caused problems. Some of the worst problems occur in the countryside. People go there for peace and quiet, and to enjoy the views. Unfortunately they can spoil the very environmental that they were attracted to in the first place. Below are some of the problems caused by tourism in the countryside:

. “Narrow country roads are blocked by traffic.
. Attractive landscapes are spoilt by tourist buildings.
. Litter looks unsightly and is a danger to animals.
. Walls are knocked down by careless tourists.
. Gates are left open allowing anmals to get out.
. Popular locations are overcrowded and spoilt.
. Farming land is damaged.
. Farmers are unable to go about their business.
. Wildlife is frightened away.
.Trees and plants are damaged.”

What practices should be followed to tourism industry to harmonise it with Environment Sustainability?
Any comments are welcome…


One Response to “What problem does tourism cause?”

  1. rlinton Says:

    I think the discussion we had in the lecture this week highlight the complexity of this issue. Tourist destinations may be developed to be eco-friendly, but they promote environmentally degrading travel. One of the things I’ve been looking at recently is volunteering holidays as a way of gaining experience in international development. But it could be another way of addressing this issue. We contribute to development to offset the damage caused by the travel to reach our destination. Slightly more effort than clicking the carbon offset button when booking a lfight, but perhaps a little more effective and dare I say it, meaningful?

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