Rural Livelihoods and the Commons


Rural livelihoods and the Commons
There is currently a growing concern about the global environmental degradation particularly in the global North and a whole range of debates about the way forward. There are about a billion people living in the developing world today who are making less than a dollar per day through various economic rural livelihoods (Goldin and Reinert 2006). When we talk about Climate Change and Environmental Degradation, sometimes we do tend to underestimate the damage done to the environment by those making less than a dollar a day in rural China, India and the rural parts of sub-Saharan Africa. The livelihood activities of some of these rural folks range from clearing large swathe of forest in tropical Africa, to catching juvenile fish in Lake Victoria in East Africa and overgrazing in the Savana land s of west Africa. These are the very ‚‘Commons‘ we talk about every day. Then if we want to promote sustainable development and protect the environment, our first focus should be the very poor people making less than a dollar a day as they are in fact some of the major contributors to Climate Change and Environmental Degradation.
By Kawsu.


One Response to “Rural Livelihoods and the Commons”

  1. rlinton Says:

    I agree that there is some work to be done here in terms of sustainable development, but I don’t think such examples are a demonstrations that these practices are a major contributor to cliate change and environmental development. Check out what wikipedia has to say about the causes of climate change. However, I agree that focus needs to be on what leads them to these unsustainable practices ie their poverty as a means of addressing the problems that arise from their coping strategies.

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