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So I’m sitting at Malta airport and Sky news is on behind me and I two things caught my attention. The first is that Britian is apparently fast tracking development of nuclear energy ( to ensure that Britain meets its green energy targets. An interesting development.

The second is that Japan is planning on developing a system for collecting solar power in space and transmitting it to Earth via a laser beam. Aniother interesting idea which I am in no position to assess in terms of its viability.

So which do we think is the more sustainable option?


5 Responses to “breaking news”

  1. Kawsu Ceesay Says:

    If Japan succeeds in its ambitious solar power, that would be the milestone of the Millennium. Using nuclear energy is ok, but with more research into solar energy, we will benefit a lot in the future. After all, the sun is NOT OUT THERE for NOTHING. The nuclear energy project which Britain is looking at is after all going to be engineered by the French. So it is purely French technology. Therefore, let all the powers: France, Russia, Japan, US, Britain, China, etc race to the sun for energy. That race will pay off more in the future.
    By Kawsu Ceesay

  2. slin41 Says:

    Sorry Kawsu,

    but I totally disagree with your point that using nuclear energy is ok for several reasons:

    1.) There exists still no final solution to store the waste. This tends to be not only the case in the UK but for instance also in my home country Germany.
    2.) Do do not know about the UK but in Germany there have been several incidences which have proven that nuclear power plants are not save. For example in my home state Hessen the provider of “Biblis” was ordered by the government to shut one block down.
    3.) Building new plants will lower the incentives for instaling for solar, wind or biomass powersources.

    Best wishes,


  3. slin42 Says:

    Yesterday a fire broke out in the largest nuclear power plant of the word. Seems like this time nothing serious happened, but I remain worried about point 2 of my last post…

    “Japan nuke plant smoke, no radiation says operator”

  4. mdiate Says:

    In the light of the article of Rebecca Linton it might be mentioned that Uk electricity production is 398 billion KWh gross, from 83 GWe capacity. Net imports are around 8 TWh, from France. Annual final consumption is 343 TWh, or about 5660 KWh/person.
    In recent years UK nuclear plants generated 19% of UK electricity (69 billion KWh of some 380 billion KWh net), compared with 36% from gas and 38% from coal. About 3% of UK electricity demand is met by imports of nuclear power from France, so overall nuclear total in UK consumption is normally about 22%.
    In words of Rlinton in this world of increasing worries over dependence on foreign oil, environmental degradation and the vulnerability of power networks, many people are calling for greater use of clean energy alternatives such as solar power. It is encouraging therefore to note the completion of the world’s largest factory for solar panels, built by MSK, Japan’s leading specialist solar manufacturer.
    Tokyo-based MSK corporation has opened the doors to its new production facility located in Nagano, Japan. The factory will help meet consumers growing demand for increasingly efficient and cost-effective solar power. The new facility boasts the world’s largest solar panel production capacity at a single site.
    More impressive, the company explains, is the fact that MSK is a specialist solar company, completely dedicated to developing and manufacturing solar systems, with no other business interests Rlinton. The new factory therefore marks a significant milestone for the rapidly expanding solar industry.
    Solar photovoltaics (PV) are the technology of converting sunlight directly to electricity using semiconductors. Many experts believe it offers the greatest hope for abundant amounts of environmentally friendly power, free from dependency on dwindling foreign fossil fuel reserves.

  5. slin42 Says:

    Here we go once again.This time at the largest US nuclear power plant Three Mile Island were last week 150 workers had to be evaulated because of a radiation incident. That’s the same power plant where in 1979 a meltdown happended. Since then no new nuclear plants have been build in the US. Let’s hope it stays this way. The US should consider what Germany has already done: A time plan utill the all remaing nuclear power plan will be shut.

    NRC investigating radiation at Three Mile Island

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