An interesting parallel


I was reading the Robert Chambers reading for this week – Editorial:Responsible Well0being – A Personal Agenda for Development – and I was struck by some interesting parrallels between the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) and the ethos of the service I have been working on establishing in Westminster, called Early Support. Early Support is a national government initiative aimed at providing support  to parents and carers of children with disabiklities and complex health needs aged up to 5 years. It is an innovative approach to support because it puts the family at the centre and hands overpower to them to direct support for their family. It is underpinned by the Family Partnership Model, and this is where I see the similarities with the PRA. If you click here: Participant’s pre-course handout on the Family Partnership model you’ll find a handout about the approach. Unfortuantely it doesn’t show the full model, which brings into accoutn elements such as the person who is being helped, the helpers constructions and the context in which the helping takes place. However, it will give you some idea of what I’m talking about. I’ve also found a couple of interesting pages about the PRA, as follows:


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