Climate Change; Kenya drought


Below is a short video clip which highlights the effect of climate change on Kenya.

Though food aid seems like a short-term panacea to this environmental challenge, my concern is that this may not be sustainable in the long run hence preventive measures must be pursued. What do you think?


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One Response to “Climate Change; Kenya drought”

  1. diatezuam Says:

    Ongoing heart-rending stories of starving people in Kenya are highlighting the problem of drought and its causes. Kenya, east Afrca’s richest nation and a top attraction for tourists who flock to its reserves and parks for safari holidays, is under a severe crisis of poor rains that hits its harvests. The number of people who face starvation is spiralling ever higher: from 2.5 million in December to 4 million now, according to Kenya’s minister for emergency operations.
    Drought has been a feature of the region, a natural climatic phenomenon. However, two things have changed: deforestation and the emergence of global climate change.
    Large scale destruction of forests, where evapo-transpiration from their dense vegetation contributes in a great percentage to rainfall even more than oceans and seas is the local source of the current drought crisis. The precise area of forest lost from Kenya over recent decades is partially known. It is estimated that the country currently has under two per cent of the original forest cover left. Clearing forest to establish industrial tree plantations using mainly exotic species, conversion of forests into agricultural land, logging, forest excision with the intent of converting the area to other land uses like settlement or private agriculture are some of the underlying causes of deforestation in Kenya.
    On the other hand, global climate change is also almost certainly at the heart of the current drough. It has long been predicted that climate change will result in more extreme weather events like droughts, floods and hurricanes. Within that context, extreme droughts such as this one should not come as a surprise.

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