Using the space we have


I went and saw a really interesting piece of performance art today called Urban bodies. It involved people fitting themselves in all sorts of urban spaces. I will put a photo up shortly to explain this a bit better.

Anyway, it got me thinking about all the space that we have available to us. All the space that we don’t even see because we’re so used to seeing London as a place of high density living, or we’re so used to current urban planning that we can’t see the opportunities to challenge and for innovative sustainable development. It made me think about how we can use our space better. Imagine if we replaced all of the balusters on the pavements with trellises to grow bean and peas? If we mixed showcase gardens with vegetable patches? If we introduced a standard about the amount of concrete permitted in any one area? I’m almost thinking this nmight make a useful starting point for the project we’re going to have to do next semester….


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3 Responses to “Using the space we have”

  1. rlinton Says:

    A friend of mine just posted the following link on facebook. Thought it was a nice coincidence of ideas….

  2. chikaj Says:

    Wow! .Such a creative concept. It’s not just energy efficient but so beautiful.

  3. u0913063 Says:

    It would be great if the London City Administration can take this idea on board to use up some of the space for producing fuits and vegetables. This idea, after all, works well in Havana, Cuba, where houseowners with gardens are practising subsistence agriculture in their backyards in the heart of the city. The Cubans are some how communists, but they are greener in this sense and London can follow their example.
    Comment by Mr. Kawsu Ceesay

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